Custom desktop and cloud applications, server services, systems integrations and data systems.

Why I'm a good choice for this work:

  • Never permanently stuck on a problem, I look for the absolute truth of a problem and always find a solution
  • Passionate about software, I actively spend time on my own software projects
  • Self taught and ready to learn new things, I have been creating software since 1999

Example requests:

  • Extend an existing website with new functionality
  • Fix bugs and perform maintenance, e.g. software updates
  • Solve a business problem by building custom software, e.g. Workforce tracking, product and service provisioning

Software I can build and support

  • Cross platform desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) applications using Electron
  • Cross platform tablet and mobile applications using PWAs and PhoneGap
  • Service Applications built on .NET or Node.JS
  • Web Applications using .NET, Node.JS or PHP

Sectors I've built software for:

  • Construction and logistics
  • Education
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Professional services

Technology used:

Cloud Tools and Services

Atlassian Suite, Asana, AWS, Azure, cPanel, Harvest, Google Analytics, Office 365, Wrike

Database Engines

IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL and Oracle

Front-end Frameworks

Backbone, Bootstrap, GMaps, jQuery, Semantic UI, SVG, Three.JS and Underscore

.NET Solutions

ASP.NET, Exchange Web Services API, .NET MVC, Sitekit CMS, Sharepoint, Umbraco and Windows Services

Non-Human Languages

Bash, CSS, C#, GLSL, Javascript, HTML, Perl, PHP, Ruby, SQL (various), Visual Basic

Operating Systems

CentOS, Fedora Core, Manjaro, OSX, Ubuntu, VMware ESXi and Windows Server

PHP Content Management Systems

Drupal, Joomla, Magento, modX and Wordpress


COM, TCP, SOAP and WebSocket

Self Hosted Solutions

Elastic Search, Grafana, OpenVPN, PhpMyAdmin, SuiteCRM

Server application Frameworks

ASP.NET, Express.js, .NET MVC, Ruby on Rails,