Researched driven approach to technology and business. Scaleable solutions.
Improved customer experience and more productive staff through technology focused business improvement.
Over 20 years experience creating bespoke software and websites for clients of all sizes.

Welcome to my website! I'm Paul Brzeski, an Australian Indie Coder and Digital Artist for hire. I invite you to browse this site to learn more or visit me on social media to get in touch.




I've been writing code for over twenty years and am confident that I can deliver anything given the right plan, time and budget.

My past experiences and knowledge of the latest trends inform my offering, ensuring I can bring value in the most efficient manner possible.












The expectations for robust user experiences and information access have been elevated by decades of progress in graphic, web and software design.

As a veteran of corporate environments and digital agencies, I have a vast number of past experiences and successful approaches to draw from.






Recent articles

Future Jobs: The Rise of Interdisciplinary Thinking

In the past we may have needed a team professionals to produce a deliverable like a TV commercial or new car design — new AI powered tools and interdisciplinary skills could achieve the same result with just two people or even one person.

When I grow up, I want to be George Lucas

When I was 11, I wanted to be a film director. 20 years later, I want to be a specific film director - George Lucas. Star Wars is one film, but the tools and knowledge that it created in 1977 are still used by an entire industry today.

Open Source: The peaceful revolution

Why is the Free and Open Source Software movement yet to make a significant impact on multimedia production and video games?

A matter of privacy and security

Websites have existed for some time, and yet we seem to be going backwards when it comes to performance and security. But why is this?

Balancing compliance, ethics and value in digital

Since 1999 we’ve experienced a tech revolution in business, government and wider society. In 2019 Australia, the web is an integral part of daily life — but how reliable is it all?

Set Raytracers to Maximum

So I was casually watching a Youtube video about dogfighting in space. They made a great point that guns on fighters should be close instead of far apart — this is something that I struggled to design for when.