Open Studios

My two decade long journey of tinkering with code has resulted in three projects that I'm so passionate about I have decided to make it the focus of the next chapter of my professional life. I would love to keep developing these ideas in my spare time but a frank assessment of the work involved and what's required to get a user base have made me set a few new goals for myself.

My personal time and resources are finite compared to what could be accomplished through a company. After some research into the current landscape for open source companies and games development, I've decided to start up Open Studios so that I can obtain funding such as grants and crowdsource, as well as elevating the presentation and profile of my projects.

Blog posts

This page is an ongoing case study which I will update with the progress and status of my new company. If you have a moment, I would appreciate any feedback or support - head on over to the Open Studios brochure site for more.