Case studies

Throughout the course of my career most of my work has been confidental and this has not changed since switching to contracting. Unfortunately I am unable to disclose specifics about any of the work I've delivered in the past few years and the ones I can are too long ago to be relevant.

The time commitment, technical ability and innovative thinking I apply to my personal projects is comparable to my day to day work so I encourage you to review their case studies below.

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Open Studios

Founded in 2020, Open Studios produces cutting edge digital media, software and high end goods. We operate a number of online stores, produce our own media IP and create fine jewellery and couture garments.

Open Studios is a tech leader and innovator, reducing the amount of labor required for production.


Consuming much of my spare time from 2012 to 2017, Langenium was a concept MMORPG built on, Three.JS and Node.JS. At its height the website received 1000 visits a month and had a working arcade style arena where players could anonymously hop into a flying vehicle and shoot one another.