Hello there!

Starting as a data entry clerk for an ISP called Westnet, I found myself understanding the systems around me and quickly ascended in the ranks to become a supervisor within the Provisioning team. Liaising with developers in that capacity led me to realize I could pursue my programming interests as a career.

Fourteen years later, I have a combination of experiences as both a web developer in agency environments and software engineer in corporate environments. I am proud of having a countless list of completed projects and examples of good work and value given to my employers and clients alike in that time.




I've been writing code for over twenty years and am confident that I can deliver anything given the right plan, time and budget.

My past experiences and knowledge of the latest trends inform my offering, ensuring I can bring value in the most efficient manner possible.












The expectations for robust user experiences and information access have been elevated by decades of progress in graphic, web and software design.

As a veteran of corporate environments and digital agencies, I have a vast number of past experiences and successful approaches to draw from.








The business case for good computer hardware

It's common practise for workplaces to supply the same laptop or workstation for all staff despite software engineers and other professionals needing more power for their software tools to work efficiently. I've personally lost countless hours over the course of my career to this issue.

Using the right tools for the job is a steering principle within web development for a good reason. I designed, built and use a cutting edge PC workstation for my business so that I can ensure optimal productivity and capability when it comes to different technologies and development environments.


Intel i7 8700k with AIO Water Cooler


Gigabyte Z390 Pro Wifi


Corsair 32GB DDR4 Vengeance


Corsair RM850x 850W


Crucial P5 2TB NVMe


Dual monitors with ergonomic arms


100mbit FTTP internet over 802.11ax, Bluetooth

Operating Systems

Windows 10 Pro


Other hardware

  • Home Server (xcp-ng)
  • Various test devices

Engagement Types


Hourly or daily rates.

Contract/project based

Project or outcomes basis.

What's in it for you?

Improved customer experience

Following best practices in User Experience and Human Centered Design.

More productive staff

Identify root causes and symptoms that can be addressed to improve productivity.

Quality Assurance

Ensure a uniform offering by your business that is sustainable and scalable.

Save time and money

By getting to know you and your business, I can figure out a sensible way to do things better.