Provide tools/scripts/software for research automation and data analysis

Why I'm a good choice for this work:

  • Comprehensive and scientific approach, I won't say it's a fact unless I can prove it
  • Keen eye for patterns and trends, often finding the unexpected culprit or truth
  • Leveraging other skills as a developer to do things normally not seen in this space

Example requests:

  • Compare database snapshots to determine if days of data are missing, following an incident
  • Create database from log files so that system administrators have better visibility of a system
  • Setup self service reporting facilities so that your developers don't have to create reports

Technology used:

  • Bash scripting to traverse directories of information and push to database for analysis
  • Microsoft BI Tools for ETL design
  • .NET Framework for Windows to create fast data applications
  • Variants of SQL and database tooling in IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Workbench


  • E-Commerce
  • Internet and telecommunications service providers
  • Government
  • NGO and charity
  • Professional services