Compare software, investigate, research technologies, languages and frameworks

Why I'm a good choice for this work:

  • Broad interests allowing me to engage with any topic
  • Diligent and time efficient
  • Good eye for quality products and information

Example requests:

  • Interview staff within an organisation and analyse operations for areas of improvement on a range of measures - human error rate, efficiency, ease of use, reporting and automation options
  • Investigate any privacy and security issues within a system, recommend practical solutions
  • Review your website against competitors on a range of measures - accessibility, usefulness, engagement

Technology used:

  • Databases, graphs and spreadsheets
  • Reputable publications and authorities on a subject - e.g. ISO, W3C, Human Rights Commission
  • XMind for brainstorming/mind mapping


  • E-Commerce
  • Internet and telecommunications service providers
  • Government
  • NGO and charity
  • Professional services
  • Tourism