Bespoke lesson plans and advice for your career and needs

What you'll get:

  • Lesson plans tailored to your needs, I don't want to waste your time with things you can learn on your own
  • Experienced trainer, I've upskilled scores of co-workers and professionals over the course of my career
  • Solid advice from a seasoned professional, I'll take your career goals and personality into account when coming up with a plan

Delivery formats and scheduling:

  • Ad-hoc as needed catch-ups to go over issues
  • One on one training in person and remotely
  • Regular scheduled time

Example Subjects

DevOps, Project management and Collaboration

  • How to use Git within a CI environment
  • What is the point of project management?
  • Collaboration strategies and principles to uphold

IT Basics and Computer skill development

  • Working efficiently and how to find answers online
  • Solving problems with technology

Software engineering and maintenance

  • Business Process and System design
  • Database design and operations

System Administration

  • Get confident with Linux and inheriting an environment
  • Migrations and hardening, Disaster Recovery planning

Web development

  • Become a front-end master - learn all the acronyms i.e. CSS, WebGl, WCAG, BEM, MVC
  • Learn how to integrate web front-ends and systems with enterprise back of house