Build, configure and run automated tests in an existing or new framework

Why I'm a good choice for this work:

  • Diligence to ensure all business logic has proper test coverage
  • Leveraging other skills as a developer to do things normally not seen in this space
  • Variety of past work means I have seen a lot of different ways of doing things

Example requests:

  • Implement tests within a continuous integration tools such as Atlassian Bamboo, BitBucket Pipelines or Travis CI
  • Implement validation layer via stored procedures so that applications sharing a database cannot create bad data
  • Setup Git hooks to enforce linting

Technology used:

  • Build and scheduling: Atlassian Bamboo, Bash scripts, Cron, Tidal Enterprise Scheduler
  • Linters and file checkers: JSLint, PHP Codesniffer, Regular Expressions in scripts
  • Testing: C#.NET, JUnit, PHPUnit, Selenium


  • E-Commerce
  • Internet and telecommunications service providers
  • Professional services
  • Tourism