Risk assessment, policy and compliance auditing

Why I'm a good choice for this work:

  • Enjoy solving complex problems and ensures the intention of a task is carried out; I don't just try to tick a box
  • History of diligence leading to discovery of unforeseen issues and risks others miss, or don't report
  • Regularly performing regulatory compliance and data quality audits in various capacities since 2006

Example requests:

  • Address concerns systems are not accessible to people with disabilities
  • Complete technical tasks for regulatory compliance
  • Produce reports on privacy and data security in complex systems

Technology used:

  • Bash scripting to traverse directories of information and push to database for analysis
  • Custom software for auditing duties, i.e. PCI compliance
  • .NET Framework for Windows to create fast data applications
  • Variants of SQL and database tooling in IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Workbench


  • e-Commernce
  • Internet and telecommunications service providers
  • Government